Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fair, Brown and Trembling Sketches

My next project will be for the Celtic tale, "Fair, Brown, and Trembling." I referenced a Dover book of historic costumes for their dresses. The story is similar to Cinderella. There are three sisters, named Fair, Brown, and Trembling. Trembling is prettier than the others, so her sisters force her to stay home and clean while they attend church. But with a little help from the henwife, Trembling ditches her rags and dons fine dresses. She sits mysteriously outside the church on a white horse, catching the eyes of the town, including a few princes...

Fair and Brown are cruel to their sister.

 Poor Trembling, scrubbing away while her sisters have fun.

After her transformation, Trembling approaches the church and waits outside.  When the people come out, she quickly rides away, leaving everyone mystified.

 More sketches to come!


  1. Beautiful drawings! You did an excellent job with their dresses, hairstyles, and facial expressions.

    Have a lovely day! :)

  2. I love these line drawings, Sarah! The expressions and body postures are spot on and the costumes are beautiful.


  3. These drawings are really lovely! How interesting that the Cinderella story shows up in other cultures!

  4. Hi Sarah, lovely sketches! You've got the expressions so right, she looks so forlorn!
    Jess xx