Thursday, May 31, 2012

Illustration Friday - Faded

I painted this today, trying to express the emotion I feel around the word "faded." Sometimes I feel like I'm fading, but there is always a light to reach for, and when I find it, the feeling is hard to describe.  Easier to paint :)

This was also inspired by the beautiful photography of Elena Kalis.  Check out her website.


  1. Another beautiful piece. Also different from your other styles you posted during your course.Very nice. She is ascending.

  2. beautiful! i love the textures!

  3. Very nice
    nice ink line great use of color

  4. Well done! Beautiful use of texture and color! :D

  5. Thanks for much for your comment to my blog. Unsure how to set up a reply on mine after all this time? But I sketch and work in dyes and work on my ipad and digitally enhance. Thats my process. So glad you like it. Again great work and great to meet you! :D

    1. For me, there is a reply link under your comment. Thanks for sharing your process! Great to meet you as well :)

  6. Beautiful work... i love your interpretation of "faded"... xoxo