Thursday, October 25, 2012

Arabian Nights

I recently completed a new portfolio piece, based on The Arabian Nights. This was part of an exercise for my watercolor class. I painted the scene three times, making tweaks and adjustments along the way. It wasn't easy, but I am so happy with the results!

My first version used a limited palatte, and while I liked it, I wanted it to have more movement and darker values. I also wanted the bird and the tree to stand out a bit more. 

I tweaked colors and composition, but the result wasn't working. The foreground stands out more, but the colors look off and the window scene still feels too distant.

Finally I changed the perspective a bit, and shifted things around. I had fun with the sweeping water, too. And I arrived at the final piece! 

I never put much stock in re-doing things before. But being forced through this exercise really opened my eyes to the value of making subtle tweaks and approaching the same scene from new angles.  I think it was a valuable lesson!


  1. The changes are dramatic and really bring the window scene forward. The color changes also make it more dramatic. Great job!

  2. Oh wow, beautiful! I thought the first one was great, but the revisions brought out so much more! Revisions can be a pain, but I agree that they can really make a different. Your watercolors are gorgeous!

  3. It's gorgeous, such a lovely sense of depth to it, a really lovely painting.
    Jess x