Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In Progress: Fairies

I recently started getting my stuff together, and I'm ready to start working on a whole new portfolio.

Here are my goals...
  • Illustrate three to four pages each from four stories
  • Illustrate several spreads and several single pages, including text
  • Limit theme to little hidden folk and fairy tales

My first project is a spread from the tale, "The Ivory Cups", which appears in the book The Hidden Folk by Lise Lunge-Larsen.

I started by selecting a good section of the story to illustrate. Next, I quickly sketched out a few thumbnails.

Then I did some practice with grass, oak leaves, mushrooms and fairies! So much fun...

Finally, I moved on to a full size sketch and transferred it to watercolor paper using a light box, scanned it in and added text.

I am so excited to start painting this scene! So here we go again, adventure waiting ahead...


  1. I like the mushrooms and leaves. looking forward to see the whole illustration :-)

  2. Hi Sarah, Have been enjoying your posts and your beautiful work. I just bought a Epson R2000 printer and have been having a hard time getting the colors right. I do watercolors and wanted to try printing them for resale myself. My husband noticed your post about scanners and we were wondering what printer you use? And if you could offer any advice I would be so grateful. I can't get the reds to come out right and the backgrounds are so faded after printing. Any help would be great. Thanks Sharon Chapman

    1. Hi Sharon! I understand your frustrations... None of this stuff is easy and there isn't a lot of great advice out there for watercolorists.

      To print my portfolio, I work with a local copy house (like Kinko's, just based out of my city). It is so helpful to go to the desk and tell them what I need... They are willing to work through a few runs to get the final prints right. They also have a good selection of nice paper.

      At the same time, it still takes some work on my end to get the colors right. Photoshop has been the lifesaver for me. Do you have much experience with photoshop? Would you benefit from a blog post about how I do color adjustments? I would be happy to offer whatever help I can, just let me know.